Advantageous: Does Sacrifice Equal Success?

Advantageous, a film about a mother and the decisions she’ll make for the sake of her daughter.

Jules: I don’t know why I’m alive.
Gwen: That’s a bit extreme. What happened with Ginger?
Jules: There’s so much to do. I need to exercise more, study more, need to do more volunteer work and art. I need to be smarter, nicer, prettier, and classier. But what’s the point?
Gwen: Many reasons.
Jules: Like?
Gwen: Music…and good food…and being loved by your amazing mother.

Though this film is primarily science fiction due to the futuristic world it also has some fantastical elements and feels very modern – as though this future could be just around the corner. What does a single mother do when she is no longer wanted by companies due to her age? Does she undergo a drastic and dangerous procedure? Does she ask for help from the very last people she would go to? Does Gwen find another job that saves her from having to do either of those? It’s an emotional film and while it doesn’t feel particularly fast-paced, it is definitely not slow. You are constantly gathering information that is planted and/or handed to you. There are reveals amidst twists and turns each minute.

The camera shifts between static and (what appears to be) hand-held: between a cold hard grey-scale world and intimate human experiences. The color palette is muted, some flashes of color here and there but otherwise a world of business attire and plain-house-clothes. The lighting shifts from natural to dramatic but even the low-key (dark) lighting fits with a natural experience to the viewer for the scenes they view.

I enjoyed the film. The majority of the audio was smooth and clear and cold resembling a robotic manner. The characters do their best to remain non-emotional unless emotion is called for. I cannot imagine the difficulty it must take to believably act as humans while carrying oneself and speaking in a more cold and distant manner but it was well-done and aided to the realism of the world which has been created.