Tuesday Blue hails from the Midwest, spent eight years living on the West Coast, and now resides in New York City. She earned her degree in film production from Portland State University and currently works as a freelance filmmaker. Tuesday specializes in directing and editing though she enjoys the process of taking content from pre-production to post-production. She has experience with television, documentary film, corporate content, and short films. Tuesday is currently available for projects and would be happy to collaborate in the early stages of the creative process as well. She also loves snacks, other people's dogs, and hiking.




Resume, 2018


“She’s smart, competent, organized, and funny as hell - all the things people want on set." -Amanda S.

"Having Tuesday on set is always beneficial, not only for her sense of humor but because no job is beneath her. She understands that it really is a collective effort to create something and never hesitates to help out with whatever needs done that day. I look forward to working with her more throughout the future." -David Jordan

"Tuesday has a rare gift of balancing a fun set with let's get down to business set... As an actor it was great experience.” - Patrick M.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tuesday Blue on several projects on set and in pre-production. What I like the most is how much she values input and feedback. She looks for the best possible outcomes within a finite amount of time. She tries her best not to compromise the story and her vision seems to accent those great moments. Finally, what I REALLY LIKE is that she let me explore the characters any way I wanted. I was able to communicate what I thought would work and she trusted me knowing that the moves I would make would only help serve the story.” -Jonathan H.

“Was great working with Tuesday. She has a clear vision while having the ability to be flexible and creative...which is a relief for those of us who don't possess those qualities! Tuesday kept the set relaxed and and pleasant to work in.” -Jan B.

"Every minute was a nightmare! She's a ginger-topped soul crusher who left our set a ruin of crumbled dreams soggy with tears. Would work with her again anytime!" -DW